Goose Day

The countdown to Goose Day has begun! The 2018 List will be published right here on Sept. 1. From retail sales to special events and Grey Goose Martinis, it's a wild list of everything way you can think of to celebrate Goose Day. If you're seeking your lucky goose on the 29th, a list of restaurants that are serving it is also there. We've spread the festivities over two weekends just so you can get here. We'll be celebrating from Sept. 22-30, 2018. In the meantime, use these links to get an idea of what happened last year...

Click here for The List of Goose Day Activities for 2018

Click here for The List of restaurants serving goose and more!


Don't know what Goose Day is? Read on!

Brought to the Juniata River Valley in the late 1700’s, Goose Day’s arrival is thanks to an early settler from England. Legend has it that if you eat goose on September 29, also known as Saint Michaelmas Day, you will never want for money all the year round. Local restaurants add goose dinners to their menus that day while others put their special spin on unique recipes using the lucky bird. Download the Goose Day Legend flyer for the history behind the holiday.


Do YOU believe in Goose Day? If you’re planning an event, business promotion or other fun activity for the public to enjoy, let us know! We’d love to add it to the list of events that we promote locally, regionally and nationally. Contact us at Need some ideas? Give us a call. Please note that your activity can, but does not have to, relate to geese!

But Goose Day isn’t just about eating. Businesses, organizations, and non-profit groups are encouraged to get into the spirit by offering special events, activities, sales and promotions. A complete list of Goose Day fun is posted on the Visitors Bureau website every September 1 – plenty of time to make plans to secure next year’s good fortune for you and your family!
Here are a few ideas to get your Goose Day spirit rolling.
>Goose Day Nail Manicures {Download}
>Goose Day Relish Tray {Download}
>Goose Knitting Pattern {Download}
>Goose Day Cocktails & Mocktails {Download}

                            >2018 "I've Been Goosed" Stickers -    {Download}

                            >Coloring Contest Entry Forms {Download}