Goose Day in Juniata River Valley September 29

The Legend

Goose Day has been observed in the Juniata River Valley for over two centuries, carried here by an early settler. Legend has it that if you eat goose on Michaelmas Day, you will never want for money all the year round. Believers of this tradition adhere faithfully to it and eat goose every September 29th, Saint Michaelmas Day thus ensuring wealth and prosperity for the coming year. In the 1970's, both Mifflin and Juniata County Commissioners issued formal proclamations establishing Goose Day as an official county holiday. see Full History (PDF)

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Get Your Goose!

Most of these establishments are serving a traditional Goose Day dinner but there are exceptions where noted. Some places take reservations, some don't. We strongly suggest that you call ahead if you plan to dine later in the day. Note: Scroll in box to see them all.

  • J.P. Edward's Grill and Bar
    203 S Logan Blvd, Burnham, (717)248-1150., find them on Facebook.
  • Honey Creek Inn the Country
    4698 US Hwy 322, Reedsville, (717)667-2314.
  • Juniata Junction
    5813 Wm Penn Highway, Mifflintown. (717)436-6401. Find them on Facebook.
  • Sal Lee's
    8585 US Hwy 522S, Lewistown, (717)-248-2248.
  • Country Village Restaurant
    118 E Main St, Allensville, (717)483-6529.
    Second location: 1 N Derry Ave, Yeagertown, (717)953-9582.
  • Yetter's Restaurant
    6289 US Hwy 522S, McVeytown, (717)899-6760.
  • Dutch Country Inn
    7920 Rt. 655, Reedsville. (717)667-0026.
  • Michele's
    101 S Main St, Reedsville. (717)667-9496.
  • Red's Diner
    S Main St Ext., Lewistown. (717)248-7967.
  • Ohesson Manor Nursing Home's
    culinary department has created a new twist on the traditional goose dinner. Pre-order a quart of their goose noodle soup from Sept. 22 - 26. Pick up is on Monday, Sept. 29 at Ohesson Manor, 276 Green Ave, Lewistown. Soup by the quart- $4, apple dumplings $3.50 each. Call 717-242-1416 from 8am - 4pm to pre-order. Soup by the bowl ($1.50) and apple dumplings will also be available Saturday morning, Sept. 27 on Monument Square from 10-1.
  • Taste of the Valley
    4417 E Main St, Belleville. (717)935-0050. Try something new- a goose pannini! Reuben's Goose includes sauerkraut with cherries and Swiss cheese on rye. Rachel's Goose includes creamy cole slaw and Swiss cheese on rye.